Ufology: Hybrid Aerospace spacecraft patent

For decades, on conspiracy and ufology sites, it was claimed that many UFOs that are observed in the sky are of human origin (they are projects created by reverse engineering, reconstruction of recovered ships). The US Navy and Air Force have truly operable UFO patents (these are not concepts).
One of the skulls behind some of these patents is Dr. Salvatore Cezar Pais, an aerospace engineer who collaborated on the Navy's Strategic Systems Program. He received a PhD in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Case Western Reserve University in 1999. Dr Salvatore Pais currently works for the Aircraft Division at the Air Naval Warfare Center (NAWCAD) in Patuxent River, Maryland.

Recently a renowned IEEE TPS magazine published a project of his on a Compact Nuclear Fusion Reactor.
So man is not a dreamer who draws only sketches, he understands matter.
Salvatore Pais published several articles and presented papers at conferences of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics over the years, describing his work in electromagnetic propulsion, revolutionary ambient temperature superconductors and topics such as his doctoral dissertation: "Bubble generation under conditions of reduced severity for both co-flows and cross-flow configurations ".
Patents are registered and assigned to the US Navy. One of the schemes looks like a triangular, plasma-powered UFO, a hybrid aerospace and underwater spacecraft. He claims that this aircraft is capable of extraordinary speed and maneuverability in air, water and outer space, thanks to a revolutionary electromagnetic propulsion system.

The Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of Naval Aviation Enterprise personally wrote a letter addressed to the Patent Examiner of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) claiming that the Chinese are already "investing significantly" in these aerospace technologies. The United States does not want to miss the technological race.

NASA helped fund Dr. Pais' dissertation, and published a pdf copy of the publication and a list of his publications on the website.

Pais is named inventor of four separate patents for which the US Navy is assignee: a “High Frequency Gravitational Wave Generator;”, an ambient temperature superconductor; a 'force field' electromagnetic generator that can deflect asteroids; and, perhaps the strangest of all, one entitled "Vessel using an inertial mass reduction device". This was what the Technical Director of the Naval Aviation Company personally approved in a letter to the USPTO, claiming that the Chinese are already developing similar capabilities.
The concept of the Aerospace and Underwater Hybrid spacecraft (HAUC) is quite simple, although the engineering required to make it a reality is nothing.All matter contains energy at the quantum level.Theoretically creating its own incredibly dense and polarized energy field, it is claimed that the hybrid spacecraft is capable of creating a quantum 'vacuum' around itself, allowing it to repel any molecule of air or water with which it interacts.Thus, the vessel can essentially ignore aerodynamic or hydrodynamic forces, or so is claimed in the patent US20170313446A1 .

Throughout his patents and publications describing the aerospace hybrid aerospace vessel, Pais writes that the radical feats of speed and maneuverability that the vessel is supposed to be capable of can be achieved by coupling "high frequency axial rotation" or "accelerated vibration" to "high frequency vibrations from electrically charged systems".
In other words, an ambient temperature superconductor can be created capable of storing an incredibly high amount of energy and obtaining the energy field created by that superconductor by moving at incredibly high speeds around or inside the ship. You can create a polarized vacuum of energy around you, which basically allows you to ignore the energy of the air or water around you, thus removing your own inertia and mass from the equation.
Summing up; the electromagnetic field of the spacecraft creates a disturbance of the nonlinear space-time background around the spacecraft (a kind of energy bubble) thereby reducing the mass of the spacecraft, nullifying the effect of gravity on the spacecraft (negative pressure or repulsive gravity), which is antigravity).

In his most recent publication, Pais describes the aerospace hybrid aerospace vessel as a cone-shaped vehicle that would appear rounded from the front or rear: “the HAUC is conical in shape, with an elliptical cross section, similar in geometry to a hypersonic sliding vehicle / dart. Interestingly, the ship's descriptions in several Pais publications and even the “Vessel using an inertial mass reduction device” patent include space for a crew compartment protected by a Faraday cage.

It is possible to view submarine aerospace hybrid vessels (HAUC), which can function as submersible vessels capable of extreme underwater speeds (lack of friction with skin and water) and improved aerial / underwater stealth capabilities (non-linear RF and sonar dispersion) signals). This hybrid spacecraft would move very easily through the air / space / water media, being enclosed in a vacuum / plasma / sheath bubble, due to the coupled effects of the EM field-induced air / water particle repulsion and energy polarization of the vacuum.
Let's analyze some technical details of the Patent, it seems that Dr Salvatore Pais is quite knowledgeable in Quantum Physics as well.

Electromagnetic fields act as carriers of energy and momentum, interacting with physical entities at the most fundamental level.
«Artificially generated high-energy electromagnetic fields, such as those generated with a high-energy electromagnetic field generator (HEEMEG), interact strongly with the vacuum's energy state. The state of vacuum energy can be described as an aggregate / collective state, composed of the superposition of all fluctuations in the quantum fields that permeate the entire fabric of space-time.
The interaction of high energy with the energy state of the vacuum can give rise to emerging physical phenomena, such as the unification of the fields of force and matter. According to quantum field theory, this strong interaction between fields is based on the mechanism of transfer of vibrational energy between fields. The transfer of vibrational energy induces even more local fluctuations in adjacent quantum fields that permeate space-time.
Everything around us, including ourselves, can be described as macroscopic collections of fluctuations, vibrations and oscillations in the fields of quantum mechanics.
Matter is confined energy, linked by fields, frozen in as much time.»

Some patents registered by Salvatore Pais can be found on Google:
An electromagnetic field generator, a plasma compression fusion device, a high frequency gravitational wave generator, among others.

Credible sources of information:

It remains for us to finally reflect, this type of ship is still a concept and has not yet been built? Or have you been flying over the skies for decades? The triangular shape has been observed a lot.
The famous hypersonic aircraft Aurora is identical, another triangular military spacecraft is the TR-3B.
In Belgium from 1989 to 1990 hundreds of people saw, and photographed, triangular UFOs.