Alien abductions

You have certainly heard of alien abduction, right ?

Millions of people around the world claim to have been abducted, we will never know the right numbers, thousands of people are silent, for fear of being ridiculed..
In the United States and the United Kingdom, some insurance companies even offer alien abduction insurance (AAI). Such insurance covers expenses with surgeries (for removal of implants), health treatments or hypnotherapy.
The first known abduction case was reported in September 1961, the Barney and Betty Hill couple.

In general, people do not remember the experience completely, they have a vague feeling of having seen an UFO and that something happened to them, only after doing regressive hypnosis do they remember all the details (the subconscious mind stores all the details).
Some people became ill (perhaps due to radiation exposure), other acquired psychic abilities, healing gift, premonition, began channeling spiritual messages, etc .
Evidence of these abductive experiments ranging from extraneous marks in the body, or nano alien implants which after surgically extracted and analyzed in the laboratory revealed extraneous magnetic properties or its composition was not any metal known in the earth, others seem to be biological materials (almost as living tissue).

Although abduction is said to be a recent phenomenon, it is not true.

If we analyze some biblical scriptures, some characters report having had encounters with "angels" who appeared in flying fire chariots, these descriptions were the possible interpretations that individuals at the time were able to make of the UFO phenomenon. The prophet Ezekiel reported the visit of a flying object kind cloud surrounded by a type of fire, even described the landing gear of the ship.
Like other reports from the Middle Ages about apparitions of demons and a strong odor of sulfur, they could actually be extraterrestrials and abduction cases, but people at the time could never understand this and interpreted it as paranormal incidents, possessions, etc.

The purpose of the abductions is unclear, we still have to theorize several hypotheses, extraterrestrials may be carrying out genetic experiments to save their own species (artificial inseminations, extraterrestrial hybrid babies), some women report having been pregnant and babies removed, may be situations of beings of the future (ultraterrestrials) who are trying to save ours and , therefore , their future. Aliens don't seem to have reproductive organs, so to perpetuate the species they will have to make clones. Some children who are born with very rare genetic diseases, or autism, can be experiences of this hybridization.
They may be studying our conscience and soul (this has been reported by many abductees) gray beings appear to be semi-synthetic beings without conscience or soul, so they are curious to study the human being.
Just as humans study rats and other animals in the laboratory, without even asking them for permission (as they consider animals to be an inferior species), extraterrestrials may have the same vision about us, have their own agenda, in fact they may have been our creators (if analyze Sumerian legends about the Anunnaki).

The Human Genome Project revealed after several studies that 97% of our junk DNA (non-coding sequences) is of extraterrestrial origin. The mathematical code in the genetic sequence does not explain human evolution. Link Here.

The vast majority of "junk DNA" is actually a large panel with millions of switches that regulate the activity of our genes. Without these controls, the genes encoding proteins do not work.
During abduction, people reported having been levitated by a beam of light into the UFO.
Some kind of technology using a photonic tractor beam?

Transdimensional remolecuralization:

A term to explain the process of transferring entities between densities or to teleport, as in cases of alien abductions.
Teleportation means that the person (or object) is dematerialized, and then rematerialized (molecularly regrouped) at the destination point. Consciousness is transferred apart, but almost simultaneously, and evolved and protected by an energetic field.
There are dozens of books by authors who are hypnotherapists, and researchers, some are doctors and were interested in the topic. Books with hundreds of abductee interviews help us to better understand this puzzle, piece by piece. Some people reported that at the time of the abduction they tried to scream for help but the spouse (who slept next to him, in bed) did not even hear, which can mean two things: the abductee had the feeling that he was screaming but no sound came out. his mouth (these functions were being inhibited by the extraterrestrials) and the partner (a) who was sleeping was in a deep state of sleep (under psychotronic influence). Other abductees reported that when their body was "sucked" into the light tunnel into the UFO, they felt as if they were inside a "vacuum tube"

It may seem like a science fiction, but our human scientists are slowly, in slow steps, already learning how to do this in a theoretical way at least.
Scientists at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) say they have found a way to levitate and propel objects using only light.
On the other hand, Australian scientists have created a laser tractor beam, but it still only attracts and repels objects micrometric particles.
Others combine photonic tractor beam (light, laser) with sonic tractor beam (acoustic). Link here.

Although they are still childish steps, little by little we are understanding the basic technology behind this phenomenon, it is understandable that extraterrestrials with more advanced technology are able to levitate people and teleport them. It is not a difficult illogical thing.

The Implants:

American Dr. Roger Leir claims to have removed more than twelve implants from alleged alien abductees, reveals that the implants have some unusual characteristics, including the emission of radio signals and movement separately under the subject's skin.

In addition to serving to track subjects, they could also serve to send telepathically messages, telepresence or biometrics. Implants may also be used to modify the human genome. See Dr. Leir’s book, "The Aliens and the Scalpel".
A curious detail is that there were no scars (marks of having placed an implant) on the individuals' bodies.

Before removal surgery, dr. Leir used magnetic field and metal detectors in order to assist him in the exact location of the implants. Strangely, the objects had a high magnetic field. Patients were anesthetized for removal locally with sufficient anesthesia doses for six hours of operation.
During surgery, dr. Leir touched one of the implants that were housed in the patient's toe, when he noticed a strange reaction - the patient appeared to receive a very strong electric shock, jumping from the operating table. The interesting thing is that the two patients presented this picture, a very painful surgery, despite the sufficient amount of anesthetics. These nerve responses indicate that the objects are directly linked to a nerve branch.

Initial tests on the outer membrane surrounding the implants showed that it had a composition identical to the patient's own blood, and nerve endings.
It is noticed that these implants are often made of meteoric iron (with isotopes not found on Earth), with cobalt and significant amounts of iridium. They contain rates that do not occur naturally on Earth. One was of the nickel and iron meteorite class, called hexahedrites. Speculatively: heavier isotopes could have been formed close to the galactic nucleus and / or due to supernovae.

Before being removed, some implants emit radio signals, with MF electromagnetic radiation, at scalar frequencies of 93 MHz, 15 MHz, or even a frequency used in communication satellites. They appear to have a layer on their surface that is sensitive to photons, so that it relays sound waves. They contain electronics in carbon nano tubes, which are not found in nature.

Avoiding (or try to) abduction:
These indications are preventive only, it does not indicate that they work at 100%, but they are a little help.
Get spiritual, reinforce your spirit and awareness, in order to have more control over your mind and offer greater resistance if the aliens try to telepathically induce you.
Train psychic defense methods.
Have an electromagnetic field detector (EMF) in the room.
The grays, with large black eyes, seem sensitive to light. If you have a flashlight on the nightstand and you can move your body, aim the light at their faces.
Gray aliens are said to absorb nutrients (and food) through the mucous membranes of their skin. So a defensive technique could go through attacking them with some toxic spray can. Pesticide or pepper spray, for example.
Smudging herbs in the bedroom (for example with white sage) seems to overwhelm them, maybe it is toxic to them.