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Parapsychology, Metaphysics, Gnosis, Cybershamanism, and more  

Motivational texts, self-help, personal development 
Parapsychology, paranormal research, psychic development
Quantum Physics 
Latest news from Quantum Physics, theory of worlds, holographic universe. 

Esoteric texts, reicarnation, magic, spirituality
Holographic Reality
Do we live in a simulation? Many Worlds Interpretation, parallel realities.
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Sílvio Guerrinha, Capricorn born in Portugal. Writer, webmaster and researcher dedicated to metaphysics. He learned a lot in Spiritist doctrine and also studied occultism since he was 17 years old. Some of the subjects he studies and practices: meditation, Egyptian magic, psychic development, crystall therapy, remote viewing, parapsychology, tarology, quantum physics, cybershamanism.

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Topics covered in this website: Simulation Argument / Holographic Universe, reincarnation, parapsychology, psychic development, paranormal, spiritualism, poltergeist and other parapsychic phenomena. Magic and esotericism, inner alchemy, mediumship, gnosis, karma, shamanism, and much more.